Vehicle Wrap Orders

Thank you for considering Design by Laurie Ann for your vehicle wrap design. Below you will find pertinent information for your order.


Design by Laurie Ann charges a standard fee for most vehicle wrap designs. Included are your "everyday" vehicles: cars, minivans, pick-up trucks, SUVs, cargo vans & box trucks (box portion only).

Full Wrap = $250 This includes: 15 minute design brief via phone, up to 4 hours design time and print files sent directly to your print vendor.

Additional Services This includes but is not limited to: additional design time, rush orders, stock photos, vehicle decals, oversized and/or unique vehicle wrap designs and in-person design briefs (Metro Atlanta only). Please inquire further about additional services and related fees.

Process & Timing

Design by Laurie Ann is committed to completing your wrap design in an efficient and timely manner. While it's challenging to provide a definitive timeline, due to many variables in the process, a smooth design process can be completed within 2 weeks. Throughout the process, I will be communicating with you via email and your timely response is of utmost importance in ensuring the continued forward momentum of your design order.

Please review a summary of the Vehicle Wrap Design Process below.

  • Initial contact about your project

  • Quote and Agreement provided and approved

  • Completion of Vehicle Wrap Order Form

  • Send all necessary files and photos

  • Proof process begins

  • Proof approval

  • Print file setup

  • Invoice provided and accepted

  • Send print files to vendor

Print File Setup

Design by Laurie Ann is dedicated to creating standout vehicle wrap designs. A major part in that equation is setting up the print files accurately. There are many details on a vehicle and many aspects to the install process that I pay close attention to when setting up all print files. This meticulous approach is what will make your wrap standout among the rest.

While the high quality templates I use are very helpful for proofing , they are not always all encompassing for print file setup. Vehicles are 3-D and templates are 2-D. Templates do not provide for the curves of the vehicle or the foreshortening of slanted surfaces (like many rear windows). If it is not feasible to get physical measurements of the actual vehicle, I will use the template and my experience to be as accurate as possible without physical measurements. I will always communicate any related concerns in a timely manner.


Design Agreement

Vehicle Wrap Order Form

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