It takes a skilled, detailed and experienced designer to successfully and efficiently create an effective vehicle wrap design. Through witnessing it over the years, wrap designs can throw even the most experienced designers for a loop. With 10 years of experience designing vehicle graphics and learning the print and install processes, Design by Laurie Ann is your solution to standout wrap designs at an affordable price point.

Each wrap design is charged based on a standard pricing system determined by a few simple variables. Please contact Design by Laurie Ann to receive your quote and get the process started.



Investing in an experienced designer to create a brand identity for your company is one of the most important business decisions you will make. Whether creating a brand identity from scratch or updating a current one, the identity graphics make a huge impression on the immediate opinion your audience will make about your business. It is imperative that this visual impression accurately portrays your company. It should be simple and to-the-point, supported by cohesive print and web graphics. Design by Laurie Ann is here to help you every step of the way.

Please contact Design by Laurie Ann to discuss creating a standout brand identity for your business.



Print graphics are the supporting pieces to your company's brand. The brand identity is the first impression. The print graphics provide more detail into why a potential client should choose your business. Print graphics come in all shapes and sizes, from billboards and wall graphics to brochures and business cards. Design by Laurie Ann is here to guide you through the wide range of possibilities that will excite your audience and set you apart in the market while maintaining brand consistency.

Please contact Design by Laurie Ann to discuss supporting your brand with print graphics.



Web graphics are an interactive method of supporting your company's brand while engaging potential and return clients. Let your audience know who you are and what makes your business different. Web graphics are also a strong determinant in how your audience views the professionalism and success of your business. Without a professionally designed and branded website, you risk making your business appear unable or unwilling to invest in this business necessity. Design by Laurie Ann is here to make your business look its best on the web.

Please contact Design by Laurie Ann to get a custom quote based on your company's needs and budget.



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